Jamila Woods - Heavn (Exclusive White Vinyl)

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As with her previous work, Jamila Woods utilizes what’s functional - clapping games, lullabies, Paula Cole, headlines, statistics - to make music that defies categorization, but not meaning. The result is resilient and steadfast: HEAVN is protest music that sounds like a children’s playground.

Produced largely by a coterie of ascendant Chicago stars - Peter Cottontale, oddCouple, Kweku Collins, Saba, and more - the tracks come off as if they’ve been cooked at a high temperature until all of the indignation has evaporated, leaving behind only hope, strength and vulnerability.

This album features the singles "Blk Girl Soldier", "LSD" ( with Chance The Rapper), and "Holy".

Exclusive heavyweight WHITE vinyl produced by Jagjaguar.

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