Silver Jews - American Water (Half Speed Master)


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In 1998, David Berman approached perfection with the release of Silver Jews' third album, American Water. Absorbed in metaphor, ennui, and isolation, the loping music of American Water didn’t seem like it was trying to be art. It just was. The album reunites David Berman and Stephen Malkmus and adds new members Mike Fellows, Tim Barnes, and Chris Stroffolino.

American Water was named after a poster Berman saw at his veterinarian's office for American Water Spaniels, the album boasts some of the Jews' best arrangements and playing, from the flute and brass-tinged "Random Rules" to the driven but eloquent guitars on "Night Society" to the listener-friendly, '70s-style pop of "People". As with all of the Jews' best work, American Water sounds like it was made for the band's own enjoyment, and the listener is just eavesdropping on their fun.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Drag City. Half-speed mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios.

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