Spacehog - Resident Alien (Pink Vinyl)

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The debut record Resident Alien from British expats Spacehog put a new twist on glam-rock and, powered by the Top 40 single "In the Meantime," proved to be their most successful release both critically and commercially, winning them a Gold Record. This is the first widespread vinyl release for this classic slab of mid-'90s British glam!

Limited Edition PINK double vinyl produced by Real Gone Music in 2021. Gatefold jacket with two printed inner sleeves. US Import.


Side One

1. In the Meantime
2. Spacehog
3. Starside
4. Candyman

Side Two

1. Space Is the Place
2. Never Coming Down (Part I)
3. Cruel to Be Kind
4. Ship Wrecked
5. Only a Few

Side Three

1. The Last Dictator
2. Never Coming Down (Part II)
3. Zeroes

Side Four

1. To Be a Millionaire…Was It Likely?
2. Untitled

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