Blind Melon - Soup (Music On Vinyl)


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Blind Melon returned in 1995 with their sophomore album Soup. It was just 2 months later that the world lost the band's vocalist Shannon Hoon tragically to a cocaine overdose. The album features the singles "Galaxie" and "Toes Across the Floor".

The album lacks a distinctly ‘90s vibe largely because Blind Melon was more steeped in classic rock than contemporary grunge or alt-rock. Yet while their first album largely adhered to ‘70s tropes, the quintet of Hoon, Rogers Stevens, Christopher Thorn, Glen Graham and Brad Smith broke from that mold with it's follow up. Each of the album’s 14 tracks are unique, yet the album flows together with even quirky odds and ends falling into place.

Heavyweight audiophile vinyl produced by Music On Vinyl for Capitol Records in 2017. Only 3000 numbered editions worldwide. UK Import.

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