Stars - The North (Blue Vinyl)

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Stars sixth studio album The North, was recorded in Montreal's historic RCA Victor Studios and was produced by Stars, Graham Lessard and Marcus Paquin (Arcade Fire). The North conjures the ghosts of past glories without sounding forced, unspooling pleasantly and unhurriedly.

Stars have always written about love, but they're equally fixated on time - how it passes, how we wish we could slow it, how the past and present relate to each other, and how it marches on towards infinity. The album's sense of purpose means that there's plenty of room for the band to experiment, and the sonic playfulness on The North makes for an engrossing, repeatable listen.

The album features the singles: "Theory of Relativity", "Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It" and "Backlines".

Limited Edition BLUE vinyl produced by ATO Records in 2012. Gatefold sleeve. Includes download card.

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