Beatles - A Hard Day's Night (2009 Stereo Mix)

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This 1965 soundtrack album to the Richard Lester film A Hard Day's Night cemented all that U.S. listeners had heard about The Beatles genius in the off-kilter beauty of John Lennon's "If I Fell" and the rockabilly bounce of Paul McCartney's "Can't Buy Me Love". Other highlights include "And I Love Her" and "I Should Have Known Better".

"'Can't Buy Me Love' is my attempt to write [in] a bluesy mode," McCartney said. He wrote it while the band was doing concerts in Paris for 18 days straight, two or three shows a day. The single was released a few months later, at the height of Beatlemania. When it hit #1, the band occupied all five top positions on the American charts.

The album has been remastered at Abbey Road Studios utilizing state of the art recording technology alongside vintage studio equipment, carefully maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the original analogue recordings.


1. A Hard Day's Night
2. I Should Have Known Better
3. If I Fell
4. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
5. And I Love Her
6. Tell Me Why
7. Can't Buy Me Love
8. Any Time At All
9. I'll Cry Instead
10. Things We Said Today
11. When I Get Home
12. You Can't Do That
13. I'll Be Back

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