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Never Mind the Bollocks may have appeared revolutionary, but The Clash's eponymous debut album was pure, unadulterated rage and fury, fueled by passion for both rock & roll and revolution. Though the cliché about punk rock was that the bands couldn't play, the key to The Clash is that although they gave that illusion, they really could play hard.

The charging, relentless rhythms, primitive three-chord rockers, and the poor sound quality give the album a nervy, vital energy. Joe Strummer's slurred wails perfectly compliment the edgy rock, while Mick Jones' clearer singing and charged guitar breaks make his numbers righteously anthemic.

This record features "Janie Jones", "White Riot", and "London's Burning" as well as a notable reggae cover of "Police and Thieves".

Heavyweight vinyl pressed by Epic Records. Remastered from the original source tapes in 2013.

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