Knife - Shaking The Habitual: Live At Terminal 5 (Record Store Day)

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This album captures the joyous and confrontational performance Shaking the Habitual: Live at Terminal 5 by the pioneering experimental electronic-pop outfit The Knife. After taking a seven-year hiatus from playing live, the resulting musical saw The Knife expand from Karin Dreijer and Olof Dreijer to an 11-piece dance troupe. Highlights include "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" and "We Share Our Mother's Health".

The Knife’s Karin Dreijer spoke about the Shaking the Habitual concerts and what they learned from it:

“It was the first time for me being in a work process with so many people involved in the actual making of what we were about to do. We strived to have a collective process where everyone’s input mattered. It of course was a very slow way of working. We rehearsed for weeks and weeks, discussed, tried out things over and over. It was a great contrast to the studio work making the music. I think I was more focused on my body performance than the musical performance; I had never danced before so it took a lot of time for me to learn.”

Exclusive double vinyl produced by Rabid Records in celebration of RSD Black Friday. Only 2000 copies worldwide.


1. Wrap Your Arms Around Me (Shaken-Up Live Version)
2. Raging Lung (Shaken-Up Live Version)
3. We Share Our Mothers’ Health (Shaken-Up Live Version)
4. Bird (Shaken-Up Live Version)
5. Without You My Life Would Be Boring (Shaken-Up Live Version)
6. A Tooth For An Eye (Shaken-Up Live Version)
7. One Hit (Shaken-Up Live Version)
8. Full of Fire (Shaken-Up Live Version)
9. Collective Body Possum (Shaken-Up Live Version)
10. Ready To Lose (Shaken-Up Live Version)
11. Pass This On (Shaken-Up Live Version)
12. Stay Out Here (Shaken-Up Live Version)
13. Silent Shout (Shaken-Up Live Version)

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