Thee Sinseers - Sinseerly Yours (Opaque Yellow Vinyl)


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Fronted by bandleader and son of East Los Angeles Joey Quiniones, Thee Sinseers have quietly chipped away at the sounds of R&B and soul for the last half-decade. Quinones and his crew have continuously created a distinctive vibe that explores all aspects of a timeless genre, bringing together their interpretation of music through an unmistakable modern lens.

With their most recent effort, the aptly titled Sinseerly Yours, the band recorded most of the album live in the studio. The group has never been the type to shy away from their influences as they expertly toggle between 1960s pop via early Beatles records to obscure dancehall Jamaican tunes - all fully extrapolated and reinterpreted through modern Chicano soul sound that the group has built their everlasting repertoire on. The melting pot of ideas is showcased with incredibly lush orchestrations and arrangements, married with pitch-perfect harmonies, allowing the group to further solidify themselves in the pantheon of the Southern Californian songbook.

Limited Edition OPAQUE YELLOW vinyl produced by Colemine Records in 2024.


1. What's His Name
2. Keep on Calling
3. Can't Call Me Baby
4. Give It Up You Fool
5. Hold on
6. It's Such a Shame
7. Talking Back
8. Like I Can Give
9. Can't Do That to Her
10. Sinseerly Yours
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