Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy


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The second studio album from Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, The Mirror Conspiracy was released April 2000 and is one of the duo’s best-selling albums of the lounge, trip-hop, and chillout era. The 15-track release features vocals by Brother Jack, LouLou Ghelichkhani, Pam Bricker, SEE-I, Bebel Gilberto, and Plejah.

"The Mirror Conspiracy has everything you need: espionage, chases, thinly veiled deception, shady dealings in back rooms, canasta. Muted earthtones, washed-out tundra scenes, lurid tropical flourishes. Pungent soil odors, the reek of triple-canopy jungle, whiffs of patchouli. Sure, it's just acid jazz with disco and bossanova inflections; naturally, the arrangements are less than surprising; of course the beat could use some variation. But this is about transference, not transcendence. The Mirror Conspiracy provides the soundtrack your mediated soul requires, and that's all that's important." - Pitchfork

The album also features the reissue of the band’s 1997 single, “Lebanese Blonde,” which was featured on the soundtrack to Zach Braff’s 2004 film Garden State.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by InGrooves Records. Gatefold sleeve.

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