Trixie Mattel - Barbara (Yellow Vinyl)

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For years, Trixie Mattel has broken boundaries not only for drag performers in the music world but also for LGBTQ+ artists in the genres of country, folk and Americana. Trixie has harnessed her songwriting chops, guitar skills and her quick-witted, hardworking spirit to become a surprising, captivating and inspiring figure in pop culture and music.

Barbara is laid out to reflect a vintage double-sided album. The first side features a plugged-in late 60s/early 70s vibe full of sugary, high-voltage reflections on beachside love, painting the town red, and a celebrity crush.

The second side hearkens back to the introspective folk with quieter country-tinged songs about putting cynical doubts of love to bed, the liberation of moving on from a broken heart, and that humbling moment of resolution after a lover’s quarrel. 

Heavyweight YELLOW vinyl produced by PEG Records. Includes full colour poster and download card.

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