Tune-Yards - Sketchy (Exclusive Blue Vinyl)

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On their fifth album Sketchy, Merrill balances self-inspection and reflection with bombastic rallying cries, reminiscent of the furious tones of early days Tune-Yards. Inspired by the Beastie Boys Book and Questlove's Creative Quest, the result is a colourful and joyous record with lyrics that cut to the bone.

"I started remembering that people come to us to be entertained, to move, to feel joy. And together, I think, we can wake up." From 2009 to 2018, Tune-Yards (both Merrill and her partner and collaborator Nate Brenner) released four critically acclaimed albums, travelled the world relentlessly to play live shows, and composed the psychedelic score to Boots Riley's surrealist cinematic masterpiece Sorry To Bother You.

The album features the singles"Nowhere, Man" and "Hold Yourself".

Exclusive BLUE vinyl produced by 4AD in 2021.

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