Yuno - Moodie EP (Pink Vinyl)

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Summertime music often elicits a certain amount of carefreeness and celebration, but some of the season's best songs are heartbroken messages wrapped in a sugar-sweet coating. Sub Pop's latest act Yuno is a master of this deception.

Moodie is a bold opening statement from the Jacksonville-based singer-songwriter Yuno, and it plays out like a reactor melting down a teenage bedroom from the mid-2000s, each track showcases an entirely different direction to the last.

The lead single, ‘No Going Back’ is a summertime standout – a timeless pop song with crashing drums, squalling guitar and a vocal melody that demands being outside and being blasted from a boombox. On the other hand, there’s the lush avant-pop of ‘So Slow’ – a song that burrows itself in deep grooves and rhythms, giving off an insular, more intimate warmth.

All six of Moodie's tracks are intimate confessionals submerged in warm, sun-kissed production.

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