Aesop Rock - Appleseed (Marble Smoke Vinyl)

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The explosion of indie Hip-Hop labels in the early '90s resulted in an ongoing snowball effect that started to shift the narrative around an artist's need to sign to a major label. Coincidentally, quality home recording equipment was also becoming more easily accessible and, with the rising popularity of CD-R technology, this allowed artists to write, record, and manufacture their own albums right at home.

Appleseed was a highly celebrated and influential release from that era, cementing Aesop Rock as a new face whose talent could not be denied. The album explores creative concepts with inventive writing and stripped-down yet melodic and melancholic production. Finally, 21 years after its debut, Appleseed officially gets produced on vinyl for the first time!

Limited Edition MARBLE SMOKE vinyl produced by Rhymesayers Entertainment in 2021. Includes download card.

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