Alec Benjamin - (Un)Commentary

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Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin returns with his sophomore album (Un)commentary. The record features 13 tracks including the singles “The Way You Felt”, “Older” and “Shadow Of Mine”.

 (Un)commentary came to life through a relentless questioning of the world around him: the pressures and disappointments of adulthood, the indignities of social-media addiction, existential anxiety and angst, and countless other manifestations of what he refers to as “raw human nature.”

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Elektra Records in 2022.


1. Dopamine Addict
2. Hammers
3. The Way You Felt
4. Shadow Of Mine
5. Speakers
6. Hill I Will Die On
7. Hipocrite
8. Nancy Got a Haircut
9. Nuance
10. Devil Doesn't Bargain
11. Deniro
12. Older
13. One Wrong Turn

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