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Julia Michaels has finally delivered her much-anticipated debut album 'Not In Chronological Order'. The project has been a long time coming. It features the singles "Lie Like This", "All Your Exes" and "Love Is Weird". After years of penning hits for Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and others, Julia Michaels shows off her own musical voice. These songs are melodically bulletproof, as one might expect, given Michaels’ pedigree, and the grab-bag of styles she has written is well handled. Each track brings listeners on a storytelling journey of Julia’s life and explores themes of happiness and most importantly: love.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Republic Records in 2021.


Side A
1. All Your Exes
2. Love Is Weird
3. Pessimist
4. Little Did I Know
5. Orange Magic

Side B
1. Lie Like This
2. Wrapped Around
3. History
4. Undertone
5. That's The Kind Of Woman

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