Amanda Marshall - Heavy Lifting


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After a 22-year absence from the music scene resulting from legal battles with her former manager and record label, Marshall returns with 2023's Heavy Lifting. The long-awaited release includes the tracks "Dawgcatcher" and a cover version of "Hope She Cheats on You (With a Basketball Player)" by Marsha Ambrosius of British neo-soul duo Floetry.

"This album was 22 years, a thousand ideas, and several hundred hours of laughter and tears in the making. Worth every single second, and I felt lighter when it was done. I love it, and I'm so proud of the fierce little band of music makers who joined me. Heavy Lifting!" - Amanda Marshall

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Coalition Music in 2023.


  1. I Hope She Cheats
  2. Dawgcatcher
  3. I'm Not Drunk
  4. I Built This House
  5. Rainbows in Gasoline
  6. God Forbid
  7. Not a Love Song
  8. Halfway Love
  9. Serves You Right
  10. Special
  11. Honest
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