Ani DiFranco - Ani DiFranco (30th Anniversary)

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Vulnerable stories arm themselves as powerful songs on Ani DiFranco's self-titled first solo record. Her voice is rich and eloquent. Her guitar moves like an appendage. From cockroach pus to abortion rights the record doesn't flinch. An album is so revolutionary that the purveyors of status quo install women's music sections in the dusty corner of their stores in order to hide it.

All of the tracks embody the love and humor inherent in Ani's music. Thematically this record gives a face to feminism that is both beautiful and accessible to anyone. The stories focus on relationships and humanity. Like sitting in the waiting room of an abortion clinic after facing an angry crowd in "Lost Woman Song". The songs "Talk To Me Now" and "The Story" confront the inequality of the sexes in a man's world.

30th Anniversary Edition double vinyl produced by Righteous Babes Records in 2022. Gatefold sleeve.



  1. Both Hands
  2. Talk To Me Now
  3. The Slant
  4. Work Your Way Out
  5. Dog Coffee


  1. Lost Woman Song
  2. Pale Purple
  3. Rush Hour
  4. Fire Door


  1. The Story
  2. Every Angle
  3. Out Of Habit
  4. Letting The Telephone Ring



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