k.d. lang - Ingenue (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)


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Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Canadian icon k.d. lang's career reinvention album Ingénue with this special deluxe edition. The landmark album has more of a cabaret flavour than her earlier more country-influenced work. It went on to win dozens of industry acclamations for it's brilliance and creativity. The record features the singles "Constant Craving" and "Miss Chatelaine".

The new two record set, celebrates the double platinum-selling, Grammy Award–winning album's silver anniversary. It includes remastered versions of the album's original ten tracks, along with eight previously unreleased performances from k.d.’s 1993 MTV Unplugged episode, recorded in New York City's famed Ed Sullivan Theater.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Sire Records in 2017. Gatefold sleeve.



1. Save Me
2. The Mind Of Love
3. Miss Chatelaine
4. Wash Me Clean
5. So It Shall Be
6. Still Thrives This Love
7. Season Of Hollow Soul
8. Outside Myself
9. TearsOf Love's Recall
10. Constant Craving

MTV Unplugged

1. Save Me
2. The Mind Of Love
3. So It Shall Be
4. Miss Chatelaine
5. Season Of Hollow Soul
6. Wash Me Clean
7. Constant Craving
8. Still Thrives This Love

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