k.d. lang - Watershed

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Watershed, k.d. lang's second album on the Nonesuch label, indeed represents a significant juncture in her 25-year career as a recording artisy. This collection of eleven new original songs produced, for the first time, by lang herself. As with any challenge she’s met in her unparalleled career, lang is a natural behind the boards in the studio.

Watershed has an intimate feel and a sophisticated sound that highlights the warmth in Lang’s voice, the maturity of her songwriting and the simple beauty of her arrangements. The Grammy Award-winning artist draws on her wealth of experience with an impressively wide range of genres to fashion a revealing portrait of the artist as she is right now. As Lang explains, "Watershed is like a culmination of everything I’ve done — there’s a little bit of jazz, a little country, a little of the Ingénue sound, a little Brazilian touch. It really feels like the way I hear music, this mash-up of genres, and I think it reflects all the styles that have preceded this in my catalogue."

The record features the singles "I Dream Of Spring" and "Coming Home".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Nonesuch Records in 2020.

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