k.d. lang - Angel With A Lariat (Record Store Day) [Red Vinyl]

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Angel With A Lariat is the major label debut album from k.d. lang and The Reclines, released by Sire Records in 1987. With Dave Edmunds in the producer's chair, the album often sounds more like rockabilly record than classic Country & Western. Featuring a big, snappy drum sound, with plenty of guitars mixed upfront, and lots of slap-back of lang's impeccable vocals.

The album spawned several memorable singles like "Turn Me Round", "Pay Dirt" and "Rose Garden". However, the biggest moment in her career at this point was fuelled by her cover of "Three Cigarettes In A Ashtray", the album's closer. She performed the song on the Johnny Carson Show that year, and it's regarded as the breakout performance in k.d.'s legacy. It was this moment that caught the attention of  Roy Orbison, which led to their duet on "Crying".

In celebration of Record Store Day 2020, the album has been released on vinyl for the first time in decades.

Heavyweight RED vinyl pressed by Sire Records. 3000 copies worldwide.

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