k.d. lang - Invincible Summer (20th Anniversary) [Exclusive Yellow Flame Vinyl]


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Invincible Summer is bursting lush melodies, beautiful arrangements and astute production. As the title suggests, the album eschews k.d. lang's darker moments in favour of a breezy, carefree mood that suggests the bloom of love and bright optimism. It'll have running on the beach with Kennedy flair.

When she dropped the twang in favour of torch with Ingenue back in 1992, k.d. found a new audience for her music. Produced by David Kahne and Damian LeGassick, Invisible Summer was the logical next step in k.d. lang's musical evolution away from her cowpunk roots and toward a pure pop extravaganza. She admitted that it took an admission on her part before she could make a pure pop record like this one.

"For some reason I just had an adversity to pop," said lang. "I just got to this point where I went, 'You know what? I love pop music. Who are you kidding? You know you like it as a listener, so why can't you do it as a singer?' And then I just fell in love with people again. I fell in love with life and I accepted the fact that I liked pop music. So I thought, 'Make a pop record because you're just making it for people who have normal jobs, and they're just like you - a normal person. Why can't you make a normal sounding record?' So I did."

The end result found lang delivering some of the most gorgeous songs of her career, starting straight out of the gate with the desire soaked "The Consequences of Falling". The album's lead single "Summerfling" floats with giddiness of summer love, exhilarating the energy of a budding romance. From the Bacharach-inspired horns on "Suddenly" to the soaring chorus of "Extraordinary Thing", this album is pure pop at it's finest.

Exclusive FLAME YELLOW vinyl produced by Rhino Records for their 2021 'Start Your Ear Off Right Campaign'. Only 3500 copies worldwide. In the celebration of the album's 20th Anniversary, it has been remastered for the firs time ever.



A1 The Consequences Of Falling
A2 Summerfling
A3 Suddenly
A4 It's Happening With You
A5 Extraordinary Thing
A6 Love's Great Ocean
B1 Simple
B2 What Better Said
B3 When We Collide
B4 Curiosity
B5 Only Love


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