Arkells - Laundry Pile

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Laundry Pile, the ninth studio album from Hamilton, Ontario's Arkells, who have won the Juno award for Group of the Year more than any other Canadian act is a decidedly intimate release: a chapter documenting the messy parts of life that end up teaching you what's most important.

"Anyone who keeps a journal will tell you that writing is one of the best ways to work through the chapters of your life," say band member Max Kerman. "Our new album Laundry Pile is a chapter that documents some of the messy parts that end up teaching you a lot: love, regret, desire, shame, and the longing to get it right. The title track is out first, and it's a memory honouring the little moments that represent a true partnership."

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Virgin Records in 2023.


1. Life Is
2. Skin
3. Laundry Pile
4. Wash Away
5. Your Name
6. Beginner's Mind
7. Shot In The Dark
8. Time
9. Tango Waltz
10. Quiet Love

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