July Talk - Remember Never Before (Grey / White Clash Vinyl)

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With Remember Never Before, July Talk returns - changed - to where they began. It starts with “After This”. The song introduces July Talk all over again: the return of the guitar, the driving energy and frenzied release at once familiar and new. This album screams out at the world: this is what’s next, and this is what’s now. With their fourth album, July Talk urge you to find who you were when you felt completely in awe of the world. Remember Never Before: it’s for them, and it’s for you. 

Highlights include "After This", "Certain Father" and "Hold".

Limited Edition GREY / WHITE CLASH vinyl produced by Six Shooter Records in 2023. Includes a 20 page lyric booklet with behind the scenes photos from July Talk as well as a printed inner sleeve.


1. After This
2. Certain Father
3. Human Side 
4. Hold
5. G-d Mother Fire
6. When You Stop
7. Silent Type
8. Twenty Four Hours
9. Repeat
10. Raw
11. I Am Water 
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