Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music (Crystal Clear Vinyl)

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Arthur Conley's soul classic Sweet Soul Music was produced by none other than the King of Soul Otis Redding. It features Conley's iconic title track, as well as Redding-penned or co-penned songs including "Wholesale Love," "I'm a Lonely Stranger," "Let Nothing Separate Us," and "Where You Lead Me" as well as a curated selection of contemporary soul standards.

Limited Edition CRYSTAL CLEAR vinyl produced by Atlantic Records for their 2023 'Atlantic 75' campaign. Original mono mix.


  1. Sweet Soul Music
  2. Take Me (Just As I Am)
  3. Who's Foolin' Who
  4. There's a Place for Us
  5. I Can't Stop (No, No, No,)
  6. Wholesale Love
  7. I'm a Lonely Stranger
  8. I'm Gonna Forget About You
  9. Let Nothing Separate Us
  10. Where You Lead Me
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