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Always caring more about song craft than aggression, Bad Religion basically created So-Cal melodic punk/hardcore and without them, bands like AFI and Pennywise would simply not exist. Their sound, at the time when they recorded Suffer, was totally unique. They managed to incorporate melodies and pop sensibilities with hyper-intelligent sociopolitical lyrics and blistering hardcore tempos. The result was divine, and it is shown in all its glory on Suffer, the best and most quintessential Bad Religion record.

Heavyweight vinyl pressed by Epitaph Records in 2019.


1. You Are (The Government)
2. 1000 More Fools
3. How Much Is Enough?
4. When?
5. Give You Nothing
6. Land of Competition
7. Forbidden Beat
8. Best For You
9. Suffer
10. Delirium of Disorder
11. Part II (The Numbers Game)
12. What Can You Do?
13. Do What You Want
14.Part IV (The Index Fossil)
15. Pessimistic Lines

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