Bad Religion - All Ages (Best Of Bad Religion)

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Spanning eight albums, All Ages celebrates the very best of Bad Religion's early years on Epitaph. It includes "Anestesia" and " 21st Century Digital Boy" as well as live versions of "Do What You Want" and "Fuck Armageddon..."

The album artwork was culled from original show flyers and hand written lyric sheets - some of which were scribed on bedroom walls.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Epitaph Records in 2019. 


A1   I Want To Conquer The World  
A2   Do What You Want  
A3   You Are (The Government)  
A4   Modern Man  
A5   We're Only Gonna Die  
A6   The Answer  
A7   Flat Earth Society  
A8   Against The Grain  
A9   Generator  
A10   Anesthesia  
A11   Suffer  
B1   Faith Alone  
B2   No Control  
B3   21st Century Digital Boy  
B4   Atomic Garden  
B5   No Direction  
B6   Automatic Man  
B7   Change Of Ideas  
B8   Sanity  
B9   Walk Away  
B10   Best For You  
B11   Fuck Armageddon ...
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