Beachwood Sparks - Beachwood Sparks (20th Anniversary)


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Beachwood Sparks celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their self-titled debut album with this special edition that includes an extra record of previously unreleased music. Originally issued on Sub Pop Records in 2000, the album helped pioneer the West Coast Americana / Country Rock sound. Beachwood Sparks opened up a new generation to the West Coast sounds of The Byrds / Flying Burrito Brothers with their own spin of 90s indie-rock and post-punk influences.

Most of the members of the group had already been making music for a long time when they started Beachwood Sparks, notably with lo-fi heroes Further, and it shows. They play with confidence and restraint, while still filling the up tempo songs with a sense of joy and the sad songs with tear-streaked soul. Beachwood Sparks might not be the first band to give cosmic country a shot, but their debut album proves right away that they are one of the best.

20th Anniversary heavyweight double vinyl produced by Curation Records in 2021. Gatefold sleeve.


A1 Desert Skies  
A2 Ballad Of Never Rider  
A3 Silver Morning After  
A4 Singing Butterfly  
A5 Sister Rose  
A6 This Is What It Feels Like  
A7 Canyon Ride  
A8 The Reminder  
B1 The Calming Seas  
B2 New County  
B3 Something I Don't Recognize  
B4 Old Sea Miner  
B5 See, Oh Three  
B6 Sleeping Butterfly  
C1 This Is What It Feels Like '99  
C2 Morning Light  
C3 Canyon Ride '99  
D1 Windows '65  
D2 Midsummer Daydream  
D3 We'd Love To See You  
D4 Surfing Saints
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