Belle and Sebastian - A Bit Of Previous (Exclusive Artwork)


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A Bit Of Previous is a classic Belle and Sebastian album preoccupied with songs and melodies that won’t leave your head and lyrics that can make you smile and ponder and sometimes be melancholic. The result is one the most diverse, hands-on and thrilling entries in the bands catalogue, self-produced and recorded (with contributions from Brian McNeill, Matt Wiggins, Kevin Burleigh and Shawn Everett).

So what is a A Bit of Previous? It’s a bit of everything, and a lot of what makes Belle and Sebastian so special and enduring. It’s a band tackling the insight, experience and responsibility that come with getting older with humour and irreverence and lyrical exactitude and musical bravado. It’s one of the UK’s most beloved pop portraitists asserting themselves as an infallible source of energy and fun.

"Young And Stupid" is a stuttering folk rock earworm that faces the passage of time with wry ennui, "Come On Home" with its warm fireside piano evokes a handing over of the generational baton, while the deceptively feelgood, choir-backed "If They’re Shooting At You" reads like a poignant ode to defiance and survival.

Exclusive alternate artwork vinyl edition produced by Matador Records in 2022. Gatefold sleeve.


  1. Young and Stupid
  2. If They're Shooting at You
  3. Talk to Me, Talk to Me
  4. Reclaim the Night
  5. Do It for Your Country
  6. Prophets on Hold
  7. Unnecessary Drama
  8. Come on Home
  9. A World without You
  10. Deathbed of My Dreams
  11. Sea of Sorrow
  12. Working Boy in New York City
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