Black Sabbath - Mob Rules (Deluxe Edition)


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Legendary vocalist Ronnie James Dio joined Black Sabbath in 1979 which resulted in two back-to-back classic albums: Heaven And Hell and Mob Rules. On those memorable albums, Dio’s soaring tenor and gothic songwriting were the perfect foil for the band’s bone-crushing mix of razor-sharp riffs, intense grooves, and dark imagery.

This deluxe edition of Mob Rules boasts an expansive selection of rare and unreleased recordings. Along with additional tracks from Live At Hammersmith Odeon, the collection also includes a newly mixed version of “The Mob Rules.” The cherry on top is an entire concert recorded in 1982 in Portland, OR. Highlights include stellar performances of “Neon Knights”, “Heaven And Hell” and “Voodoo".

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Atlantic Records in 2021. Remastered by Andy Pearce & Matt Wortham at Wired Masters (London).


Side One

  1. Turn Up The Night
  2. Voodoo
  3. The Sign Of The Southern Cross
  4. E5150
  5. The Mob Rules

Side Two

  1. Country Girl
  2. Slipping Away
  3. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
  4. Over And Over

Side Three

  1. The Mob Rules (Heavy Metal Soundtrack Version)
  2. Die Young (Live B-Side of The Mob Rules) - Previously Unreleased in USA & Canada
  3. The Mob Rules (New 2021 Mix) - Previously Unreleased
  4. The Sign Of The Southern Cross / Heaven And Hell - Reprise (Live in Portland, OR, USA, 4/22/82) - Previously Unreleased

Side Four (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 12/31/81 - 01/02/82)

  1. Country Girl
  2. Slipping Away
  3. The Mob Rules
  4. Voodoo
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