Bring Me The Horizon - That's The Spirit


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While many of deathcore's practitioners have folded, it's really only those who evolved beyond brutality that have continued to succeed. Bring Me the Horizon only waited one full-length to move away from the maligned subgenre, and since then they've been moving away from metal, too. Now, on That's the Spirit, they've transcended it entirely.

Bring Me the Horizon have expanded in style and status to an alt-rock band for arenas — venues they've already started filling and will no doubt continue to. With this change has come just the right amount of spirit, meaning that the sky is now the limit.

The album features the singles: "Drown", "Happy Song", "Throne", "True Friends" and "Follow You".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by RCA Records. Gatefold sleeve. Includes CD version of the album.

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