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Brittany Howard's debut album Jaime is a personal, political soul exploration. Best known as the lead vocalist for Alabama Shakes, she's a Southern rock & roll radical with a centuries-deep sense of history and some inspiring ideas about how to reshape it to fit our moment.

The record features the singles "History Repeats", "Stay High" and "He Loves Me".

Working in a greenhouse in Topanga Canyon, she mined her complicated personal history, first writing out a memoir of her life up until the founding of Alabama Shakes, then transposing it to songwriting. Howard has said that she needed to be in full control to make this record, and it's easy to see why: It is the kind of soul-baring opus that first requires soul-searching. The album is named after Howard's sister, who died at 13 after being diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer. It was Jaime who first taught Brittany to write a song, and now she's writing her most unyielding and vulnerable ones, songs about coming to terms with personal identity, guarded secrets, spiritual and social and sexual awakenings, deep-rooted family traumas.

Awarded Best New Album from the editors of Pitchfork September 2019.

Heavyweight SANDSTONE vinyl produced by ATO Records in 2019. Includes download card.

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