Candy and The Kisses - The Scepter Sessions (Butterscotch Vinyl)

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Sugar-dusted girl group confections concocted on impulse of three Staten Island girls who just wanted the attention of some high school boys! This poly-vinyl pastry collects all the Candy and The Kisses soulful Scepter hit singles and some originally unissued bonbons!

Beryl “Candy” Nelson, her sister Suzanne, and their seventeen year-old cousin Jeanette Johnson formed this group responsible for the delicious ‘64 dance hit “The 81.” The following year the girls signed to Scepter, where they fell under the tutelage of Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson, and Joshie “Jo” Armstead. The move to Scepter may not have resulted in more hits, but it certainly yielded their finest music.

From the very first few catchy piano notes of Candy and The Kisses’ first Scepter single “Keep On Searchin’”, the sweet and soulful, joyous up-tempo mover that is a girl group lover’s dream, you can hear their promise. The girls released a handful of singles and recorded a host of other underappreciated songs that didn’t originally see release, all assembled on The Scepter Sessions!

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Limited Edition heavyweight audiophile BUTTERSCOTCH vinyl produced by Sundazed Music in 2021. Laquers cut by Kevin Gray. Housed in a stunning jacket with a delectable hand painted cover and notes by girl group guru Glynis Ward.


Tonight’s The Night • One Sweet Kiss • Smokey Joe’s • You Did The Best You Could • Keep On Searchin’ • Looky, Looky (What I Got) • Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me • Together • All You Gotta Do • I’ll Settle For You • Let Love Win • I Wish You Were My Baby • Out In The Streets Again • The Last Time • Sweet And Lovey

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