Cassandra Jenkins - An Overview On Phenomenal Nature


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Filled with people, stories, and dialogue, Cassandra Jenkins second album An Overview On Phenomenal Nature flows like an emotional breakthrough, tying together disparate observations into a serene and unified vision.  

An Overview on Phenomenal Nature honours flux, detail, and moments of intimacy. Cassandra Jenkins arrived at engineer Josh Kaufman's studio with ideas rather than full songs - nevertheless, they finished the album in a week. Jenkins' voice floats amid sensuous chamber pop arrangements and raw edged drums, ferrying the listener through impressionistic portraits of friends and strangers. Her lyrics unfold magical worlds, introducing one to a cast of characters, like a local fisherman, a psychic at a birthday party, and a driving instructor of a spiritual bent.

Awarded 'Best New Music' by the editors of Pitchfork, February 2021. It features the singles "Michelangelo" and "Hard Drive".

Limited Edition vinyl produced by Ba Da Bing Records.

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