Cassandra Jenkins - My Light, My Destroyer (Pink Wave Vinyl)


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Like the night sky itself, the world of My Light, My Destroyer is always expanding. Cassandra Jenkins’ third full-length cracks open the promise of reaching the edge of the new, with a wider sonic palette than ever before—encompassing guitar-driven indie rock, new age, sophistipop, and jazz. At the center of it all is Jenkins’ curiosity towards the quarks and quasars that make up her universe, as she blends field recordings with poetic lyricism that is at turns allusive, humorous, devastating and confessional—an alchemical gesture that further deepens the richness of My Light, My Destroyer’s 13 songs. Includes singles, "Only One", and "Delphinium Blue".

Limited Edition PINK CLEAR WAVE vinyl produced by Dead Oceans Records in 2024.


  1. Devotion
  2. Clams Casino
  3. Delphinium Blue
  4. Shatner’s Theme
  5. Aurora, IL
  6. Betelgeuse
  7. Omakase
  8. Music??
  9. Petco
  10. Attente Téléphonique
  11. Tape and Tissue
  12. Only One
  13. Hayley
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