Chvrches - The Bones of What You Believe

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Scottish synth-pop band Chvrches released their debut record in 2013. "The Bones of What You Believe" spawned an impressive 6 singles, including 'The Mother We Share', 'Recover', 'Lies' and 'Tether.'

For two decades, Glasgow's indie-pop and dance music scenes have run in parallel, with a few notable intersections; Chvrches are the latest meeting point. The Scottish trio's debut LP, The Bones of What You Believe, is a delightful fusion of hook-loaded songwriting and some of the more forward-thinking sonics in electronic music at the time. Chvrches embody what a generation raised on electronic music is looking for in a rock band, taking the danceable textures favored by the Electric Daisy set and applying them to the sweeping songcraft of M83 and Passion Pit.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Glassnote Music in 2013.

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