Daniel Romano's Outfit - How Ill Thy World Is Ordered

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According to a press release, How Ill Thy World Is Ordered was created with this in mind:

The band assembled in studio in a perfectly tuned geometry to record these new songs following simple guidelines and simple rules: play the whole thing, in sequence, 3 takes or bust, with no overdubs; play "the sound of the feel of a snake bite"; play "a heist on horseback for fool's gold."

It also adds this to the equation:

The always-darkened clubs and the strange and dirtied hovels that offered remote shelter to this particular breed of restless musicians on their long and winding journeys across the continents have darkened more. It's a different age to ply a trade. Every day reveals new cracks in the artifice, new crimes from the oligarchs and politicians, new types of genocide and dispossession. New visions of contempt. O, how ill this world is ordered.

Heavyweight vinyl pressed by You've Change Records.

  • Available September 18th, 2020
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