Dark Funeral - We Are The Apocalypse

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Black metal band Dark Funeral return in 2022 with their new album We Are The Apocalypse. The album is the first to feature the band's new drummer, Jalomaah, and bass player, Adra-Melek. Fans get signature tremolo guitars on top of tremolo guitars at blistering speeds with tracks like "Beyond The Grave," but they are also going to hear some different sonic compositions as well.

The first single, "Let the Devil In" has a rather novel percussive opening that leads into a slower-than-usual, more brooding riff. The band takes their foot off the accelerator just a bit here and this allows some greater space for affect and emotion. Lyrically, it's a devastatingly bleak composition that's also contemplative. Dark Funeral provides the soundtrack to emote here and it demonstrates the risk taking Lord Ahriman have embraced with this new record.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Century Media Records in 2023.

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