Dave Matthews Band - Walk Around The Moon (Exclusive Clear Vinyl)


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Walk Around the Moon is Dave Matthews Band's 10th studio album and their first ful release since 2018. It is their first album without founding member Boyd Tinsley and their first with new member Buddy Strong on keys. The album was recorded largely during the COVID-19 pandemic with limited band members recording at a time. The album is as much a reflection on the current times as it is an urge to find common ground. Walk Around the Moon will be released to coincide with the start of the band’s 2023 summer tour. 

Exclusive CLEAR vinyl produced by RCA Records in 2023. Gatefold sleeve.


1. Walk Around the Moon
2. Madman’s Eyes
3. Looking for a Vein
4. The Ocean and the Butterfly
5. It Could Happen
6. Something to Tell My Baby
7. After Everything
8. All You Ever Wanted Was Tomorrow
9. The Only Thing
10. Break Free
11. Monsters
12. Singing From the Windows
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