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On Oct. 14 1977, David Bowie released Heroes, his second installment in the originally divisive but now celebrated Berlin Trilogy. Heroes develops and strengthens the sonic innovations David Bowie and Brian Eno explored on their first collaboration, Low. The vocal songs are fuller, boasting harder rhythms and deeper layers of sound. Much of the spikier sound of Heroes is due to Robert Fripp's guitar, which provides a muscular foundation for the electronics, especially on the relatively conventional rock songs. Similarly, the instrumentals on Heroes are more detailed, this time showing a some influence from German synth pop and European experimental rock.  A perfect black and white snapshot of an era that was future-retro before the term had been coined.

Heroes features the singles "'Heroes", "V-2 Schneider", "Beauty and the Beast" and "Sense of Doubt".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Parlophone Records in 2018. Pressed at Optimal.

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