Dexter Gordon - Daddy Plays The Horn (2022 Remaster)

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The 1955 classic album Daddy Plays The Horn by Dexter Gordon features standards like "Confirmation", "Autumn In New York" and "You Can Depend On Me". Dexter Gordon hadn't quite reached the prolific fame he would later achieve he made Daddy Plays The Horn, but his unique, obtuse way of playing the saxophone and hitting his rhythm section's playing at weird, swinging angles was already fully formed for this album.

Recorded in between periods of tumult and distress, Gordon was in and out of jail battling a heroin addiction. He will always be one of the finest musicians to ever put a reed in his mouth, and this album - particularly "Autumn In New York" - belongs in every discerning jazz vinyl collection.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by BMG for Bethlehem Records in 2022. Made in Czech Republic



  1. Daddy Plays The Horn
  2. Confirmation
  3. Darn The Dream


  1. Number Four
  2. Autumn In New York
  3. You Can Depend On Me
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