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Frog In Boiling Water, produced by Chris Coady, was a four-year process that nearly broke the band before the album was completed. DIIV began an ambitious journey, both individually and collectively. They ultimately found their way through, and the result is 10 songs that mine a new lyrical and musical depth, those two halves mirroring one another inside a reflective and immersive whole. It is a mesmeric testament to enduring, to envisioning anything else on the other side while you remain here, in the slowly heating water of right now.

“We understand the metaphor to be one about a slow, sick, and overwhelmingly banal collapse of society under end-stage capitalism, the brutal realities we’ve maybe come to accept as normal. That’s the boiling water and we are the frogs. The album is more or less a collection of snapshots from various angles of our modern condition which we think highlights what this collapse looks like and, more particularly, what it feels like.” 

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Concord Jazz Inc. in 2024.


  1. In Amber
  2. Brown Paper Bag
  3. Raining On Your Pillow
  4. Frog In Boiling Water
  5. Everyone Out
  6. Reflected
  7. Somber The Drums
  8. Little Birds
  9. Soul-net
  10. Fender On The Freeway
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