Ride - Interplay (Exclusive Blue Vinyl)


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With nods to their earlier work, Ride’s 7th album contains some of the best songs they have ever written. It is a record in the old-school sense, a rich listen that flows from start to finish, at times urgent and formidable, at others wistful and melancholic. It’s a record about perseverance, sticking together, finding a way forward. Claudius Mittendorfer’s mix provides the final touches on a startling, stop-you-in-your-tracks LP. This is the sound of a band hitting a new peak of their powers.

Exclusive BLUE vinyl produced by Wichita Recordings in 2024. Mastered at 45RPM for maximum fidelity.


  1. Peace Sign
  2. Last Frontier
  3. Light in a Quiet Room
  4. Monaco
  5. I Came to See the Wreck
  6. Stay Free
  7. Last Night I Came
  8. Sunrise Chaser
  9. Midnight Rider
  10. Portland Rocks
  11. Essaouira
  12. Yesterday Is Just a Song
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