Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy (UK Edition)

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The Jesus and Mary Chain made quite the entrance with their 1985 debut album Psychocandy. The record features the singles "Never Understand", "You Trip Me Up" and "Just Like Honey". Psychocandy is widely considered to be one of the most important albums of it's time.

The Jesus and Mary Chain (JAMC was the musical project of Jim and William Reid, who were Scottish brothers, and the foremost technological and scientific innovators of the modern rock era. Before they came along, many people still assumed that in order to make aggressive, energetic noises, the members of rock bands had to actually move around, do guitar windmills, and look engaged.

'Psychocandy remains a perfect record for states of feeling so bratty, depressed, or disgusted that you actually start to enjoy it. Also, like with most heroin rock’n’roll bands, there’s an earnest, romantic belief in something beautiful and unattainable in the midst of it, which might be drug-related for them but doesn’t have to be for you. The many fun and pretty songs here still seem tired and hard-won, like the band’s grasping at beauty rather than just claiming it exists.' - Pitchfork, August 2006.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Reprise Records in 2004. UK Import.

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