Dinosaur Jr. - Sweep It Into Space

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Sweep It Into Space is the fifth new studio album cut by Dinosaur Jr. during the thirteenth year of their rebirth. The record does more than stave off extinction, maintaining the band's signature sound with extra poignancy. It features the singles "Garden" and "I Ran Away".

Originally scheduled for release in mid 2020, this record's temporal trajectory was thwarted by the coming of the Plague. But it would take more than a mere Plague to tamp down the exquisite fury of this trio when they are fully dialed-in. The only extra musician used this time with Kurt Vile, who co-produced the album.

As is typical, Lou Barlow writes and sings two of the album's dozen tunes and Murph's pure vintage rock drumming drives the record like a go cart from Hell. They have a signature sound as sure as the Stooges or Sonic Youth or Discharge ever did. Dinosaur Jr. continues to expand their personal universe with Sweep It Into Space, without ever losing their central core.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Jagjaguwar in 2021. Includes download card.

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