Disney - Bambi (Music From The Film) [Green Vinyl]


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Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Walt Disney classic film 'Bambi' with this limited edition vinyl release. The album features timeless Disney songs like "Little April Shower" and "Love Is a Song".

80th Anniversary GREEN vinyl edition produced by Walt Disney Records in 2022.


1. Main Title (Love Is a Song) - Donald Novis and Disney Studio Chorus
2. Sleepy Morning in the Woods/The Young Prince/Learning to Walk - Various Performers
3. Little April Shower - Amy Lou Barnes, Sally Mueller, Alice Sixer, Betty Bayne, Mary Moder & Disney Chorus
4. Gallop of the Stags/The Great Prince of the Forest/Man - Various Performers
5. Autumn/The First Snow/Fun On the Ice - Various Performers
6. The End of Winter/New Spring Grass/Tragedy in the Meadow - Various Performers
7. Wintery Winds - Various Performers
8. Let's Sing a Gay Little Spring Song - Disney Studio Chorus
9. It Could Even Happen to Flower - Various Performers
10. Bambi Gets Twitterpated/Stag Fight - Various Performers
11. Looking for Romance (I Bring You a Song) - Donald Novis and Disney Studio Chorus
12. Fire/Reunion/Finale - Various Performers

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