Donovan Woods - Both Ways (Gold Vinyl)

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Donovan Woods' Both Ways, as the title suggests, is a study in contrasts. The elemental push-and-pull, especially in relationships, is a long-running Woods' theme. Lead track "Good Lover" unfolds with acoustic instruments and Woods' quietly compelling delivery - not what a listener might expect from the title alone. His masterful perspective has led to nominations for the Polaris Prize and the Juno Awards.

Heavyweight GOLD vinyl produced by Meant Well Records in 2018.


1. Good Lover
2. Another Way
3. Burn That Bridge
4. Truck Full Of Money
5. Our Friend Bobby
6. I Ain't Ever Loved No One
7. I Live A Little Lie
8. Easy Street
9. I Don't Belong To You
10. Read About Memory
11. Great Escaped
12. Next Year

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