Bonny Light Horseman - Rolling Golden Holy (Exclusive Frosted Blue Vinyl)


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Bonny Light Horseman's self-titled debut was a folk masterclass, reimagining centuries-old standards with effortless grace and wonder. Those Grammy-nominated, list-topping recordings not only suggested renewed possibilities for aging songbooks but also marked the arrival of a trio fully capable of reorienting the wider folk landscape.

Still, if it felt at all like the work of some short-lived supergroup or a one-off diversion (it never was), Rolling Golden Holy rebuffs the notion with preternatural beauty and charm, and imagination. These songs, all originals, follow the paths of the traditional tunes the band cherishes to new frontiers, the sounds and situations of history given the gravity and shape of now.

These songs continually suggest and embody an unspoken continuum between traditional and modern folk. The band thrives in rendering fresh wisdom and insight from old models, whether scraps of ancient songs or the spark of entwined voices. Theirs is a space created for sharing, learning, singing, and playing as one. Highlights include "California" and "Summer Dream".

Exclusive FROSTED BLUE vinyl produced by 37D03D Records in 2022. This vinyl edition includes a exclusive track.

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