Duran Duran - Danse Macabre (Exclusive Smog Vinyl)

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Duran Duran return in 2023 with Danse Macabre, a 13 song collection featuring three brand new songs, haunting covers of songs by artists such as Billie Eilish, Talking Heads, The Rolling Stones and The Specials, and new versions of Duran Duran classics from their own catalog.

Guest artists include producer, guitarist and composer Nile Rodgers, Victoria De Angelis of Maneskin and former band members Andy Taylor and Warren Cuccurullo. There is a rare rework B-side of fan favourite track "Secret Oktober 31st". 

Exclusive SMOG double vinyl produced by Parlophone Records in 2023. Exquisitely packaged featuring images adapted from a collection of authentic vintage seance photos that band member Nick Rhodes sourced at auction.


1. Nightboat
2. Black Moonlight
3. Love Voudou
4. Bury A Friend
5. Supernature
6. Danse Macabre
7. Secret Oktober 31st
8. Ghost Town
9. Paint It Black
10. Super Lonely Freak
11. Spellbound
12. Psycho Killer
13. Confession in the Afterlife

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