El Michels Affair - Enter The 37th Chamber (15th Anniversary) (Yellowjacket Vinyl)


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Celebrate the 15th anniversary of El Michels Affair's landmark instrumental album Enter the 37th Chamber. It features reinterpretations of hip hop anthems from the Wu-Tang Clan, the album took stripped-down, raw hip hop bangers and flipped them into richly-arranged instrumentals.

Cover versions of tracks such as “C.R.E.A.M.” and “Can It All Be So Simple” instantly sounded as vintage as the records that RZA had sampled to create the originals, with the familiar melodies and driving rhythms elevated by expertly arranged horns and strings.

The gritty and bottom-heavy style of these analog recordings - dubbed “Cinematic Soul” - has been both widely celebrated and often imitated. Now 15 years from its initial release, Enter the 37th Chamber has proven to be one of the true classic instrumental albums of its era, every bit as enduring as the music it was meant to pay homage to.

Limited Edition YELLOWJACKET double vinyl produced by Fat Beats Records in 2024. 


1. Duel Of The Iron Mics
3. Mystery Of Chessboxin'
4. Can't It All Be So Simple
5. UZI (Pinky Ring)
6. Interlude
7. Glaciers Of Ice
8. Cherchez La Ghost
9. Criminology
10. Heaven & Hell
11. Bring Da Ruckus
12. Protect Ya Neck
13. Incercerated Scarfaces
14. Shimmy Shimmy Ya
15. Outro

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